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Project 2023 - Camping Omaha Beach


With the help of the Normandy Region and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), we will have the pleasure of showing you, during the 2023 season, the many innovations that we have made to offer you ever more comfort, pleasure, and well-being, all developed in an ecological transition approach.

Our project, entitled "Energetic and Environmental Renovation", will be broken down into several components, all motivated by a desire to reduce our carbon footprint, but also to reduce the pressure we exert on natural resources.


Thanks to the help of the ERDF and the Normandy region, these will be 4 projects that can be completed for next season:



The establishment of a self-service electric bicycle station.

The immediate proximity of the velomaritime to our campsite has naturally led us to reflect in order to offer you an ecological and economical mobility solution. All our bikes will therefore now be available for self-service rental, and the rates adapted to short-term trips. You will therefore have the possibility of renting a bike for 1 day, or even more, but also, if you simply want to go for a run, or a short walk, to seize it for only one hour, or even less.




The replacement of the public lighting of the campsite by a set of solar bollards.

The current public lighting network, which is aging and very energy-intensive, will therefore be replaced by solar terminals. Better marked out, our paths will be both better lit and consume less energy. You will therefore benefit from additional comfort, with a significant ecological gain!



The replacement of our diesel vehicles by all-electric vehicles.

In order to reduce our CO2 emissions, but also the noise pollution caused by diesel vehicles, we have equipped ourselves with two electric vehicles, one for the cleaning service and the other for the technical service.




The purchase of a cardboard press.

As a major producer of cardboard waste, our company, as part of its CSR approach, had to find a solution to facilitate the reintegration of this waste into a form of circular economy. With our brand new cardboard press, it's now done! It will therefore be around 5 tons of cardboard that will be recycled, which will allow us to reduce our impact on natural resources.




"We don't inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (apocryphal).

Through this approach, we are beginning a long process that will lead us, in the near future, to obtaining the green key label. Aware of the challenges that this transition represents, we hope that it will find the best reception with you.













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