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On vacation sort, recycle and reduce your waste.

If you are in an ecological approach in your daily life, there is every reason to be also during the holidays.

Here are some tips for sorting, recycling and reducing your waste during your camping trip.


Promote selective sorting, even far from home!

It doesn't matter whether you stay in an ecological campsite or not, in a motorhome, in a gite, or any other type of accommodation, only one watchword: no holidays for recycling! To do this, have the reflex to sort your waste by category: packaging, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, household waste...


The use of different sorting stockings:

Yellow container: for paper, plastic, cardboard, steel and aluminum containers. All these packaging must be well emptied without being washed.
Green container: for glass.
The traditional trash can: for non-recyclable household waste.

Used batteries?

Batteries contain a large quantity of heavy metals that are dangerous for the environment and health, such as mercury, nickel, lead, cadmium and lithium. It is therefore important not to dispose of your used batteries or batteries in nature or in the trash. They must be dropped off at the terminals or collection points identified at the entrance to stores, supermarkets, after-sales services, electronics shops or even certain garden centres. You can drop them off at the campsite reception during your stay.


The challenges of recycling

Recycling makes it possible to produce new raw materials and thus manufacture new objects without drawing on non-renewable natural resources such as oil, sand, gas, iron or bauxite. By using recycled materials, manufacturers also consume less water and energy and therefore emit less CO2.


What to do with organic waste?

The compost bin is the best ally to lighten your trash and transform your organic waste into a natural, rich and free fertilizer! Most campsites have a composting area.

At the moment we don't have any on the campsite but maybe soon!


5 zero-waste gestures to adopt on vacation

Even on vacation, we act for the planet! Here are some examples of easy-to-apply eco-gestures for a zero-waste, eco-friendly holiday:

Do not throw food in the trash: finish or accommodate leftovers from the fridge. There are many anti-waste recipe ideas.
For rice, pasta, dried fruit or other, opt for bulk, an alternative that drastically reduces packaging. Don't forget your reusable fabric bag for shopping.
Favor products packaged in glass rather than plastic (fruit juices, yogurts, vinaigrettes, sauces, condiments, etc.). Also avoid canned drinks.
Instead of plastic bottles, use a stainless steel or glass water bottle. Replace disposable cups with reusable cups, single-use tableware (cardboard, plastic) with solid tableware.
Swap the disposable paper towel roll (the famous "sopalin") for the good old napkins and tea towels that go to the machine and are reusable for several years.


We are beginning a long process which will lead us, in the near future, to obtaining the green key label. Aware of the challenges that this transition represents, we hope that it will find the best reception with you.

We count on you !




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