Camping Omaha Beach
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Rue de la Hérode






If you want to practice our activities regularly for a competitive approach or simply for "leisure" ...

If you want to do it very regularly especially because you are a resident of the territory ... Whether you are an adult or a child ... Join us and join the CLUB EOLIA!




You know the Bessin thanks to the international fame of the landing beaches and the Bayeux Tapestry classified by UNESCO.

Discover also on the official website of the tourist office, good plans, events and all practical information for a successful weekend or holidays in Calvados!






Element'air Basse Normandie received in 2014, for the eighth consecutive year, the EFVL label issued by the Fédération Française de Vol Libre, the FFVL.

This label is the result of our quality teaching, provided by qualified State Patent instructors as well as the use of adapted and homologated material.